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Hallo, ik ben Rob!


I am a 28 year old British expat living in Bezuidenhout with my partner (she works full time). We are looking to try and help out with dogs in the area. I have had dogs my entire life (of different breeds and temprements!) and at the moment we have a 2 year old podenco-mix (Abe) and a 1 year old galgo (Ben). They are both rescue dogs from Spain and are the highlights of our life. They are beauties who love being around other dogs and are great company for them. While living in Den Haag - we've lived here for over two years - we have also had another dog (a saluki named Max who sadly passed away in January), who was also a rescue.

I've been around and lived with these three rescue dogs and been through the highs and lows with them, in training and in confidence, and I believe I'm well equipped to help most dogs. One of the problems I had when we first moved over was finding someone to help with Max (who at that time was our only dog) as his behaviour wasn't perfect - he would bark and jump on the lead if he saw another dog or cat and though he loved playing with other dogs and would never fight he could come across as quite intimdiating to other dogs when off the lead. He wasn't able to go on group walks and people were reluctant to work with him because of this, despite the fact he was a very sweet and lovely dog. 

It left us frustrated and like bad dog owners because of the way people would react to Max. Those who got to know him though fell in love with him and his personality. And this is the key thing I think I can provide: patience and care. I know every dog has its own personality and needs, it needs its own love and care.

This being said, however, our current two dogs couldn't be more placid and calm. They are both very well socialised but Ben has had issues with men in the past as he is frightened of them, but we're working with him on it and he gets more confident every day.

I tell these stories because I just want to give a general idea of the kind of owner I have been and I am. I am always looking to learn and to bring as much happiness to the lives of the dogs I know. Sorry if I've gone on too long!

I think our dogs would be perfect companions for guests and to walk with other dogs if they're perhaps a bit lonely. 

I live near the Haagse Bos and a little further away is Clingendael. Although we live on a ground floor apartment with a small-medium garden, there is plenty of space for the dogs to interact and relax (especially with this nice sun! our two just sleep on the grass all day), we have these great areas near us that we frequently go to.

My experiences of being an expat with dogs in Den Haag have largely been positive but I know it can be difficult for people and sometimes costly so I want to offer a flexible and comfortable experience. 

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I have experience with dogs of different sizes, temprements and breeds. I have cared for other dogs overnight and currently help out walking a dog in Benoordenhout. Although I have no formal qualifications, I have experience and can provide testimonies if wanted.

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