Reliable, Friendly And Relaxing

Reliable, Friendly And Relaxing

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Hallo, ik ben Sharon!

Hi lovely caring pet people - I'm an IT professional who travels for work often enough that I don't feel it's time adopt, but meanwhile - let me help you! I have experience caring for cats, including those who need extra attention or medicines. I'm a tidy and organized person, so your space will be in the same (or cleaner!) state than you left it.

Happy to do whatever I can to ensure your pet is happy as can be :)

Your pets will be happier at home, so I'd aim to keep them in their routine as much as possible. I'm available to visit mornings, evenings and overnights if you prefer.

If staying at home isn't possible, my house in the Jordaan is several floors with a spiral staircase that cats simply love, lots of windows with soft coverings nearby and a peaceful private atmosphere with no other pets.

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