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Amsterdam Pawshaker sinds Apr 2017
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Hallo, ik ben Miriam!

I speak Dutch, English and Greek fluently.

The Why

I grew up always having animals around (cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises…). Since I left my hometown to start my university adventure I’ve had this nagging feeling of something missing in my life. It makes me happy to provide a service which for the pets would mean a less stressful and even fun experience without their owners at their own home!

The How

Having a biologist as a father has for sure contributed to my pragmatic and natural treatment of animals. My goal is always to win the pet's trust first and put them at ease. I love animals of any kind and appreciate the pet's individual personality far more than their being a cat or a dog! I have never had any animal ever not come to me after a while. There have been various cases of pets allowing me to approach them even though they were thought to be very difficult with strangers.


I have experience with various kinds of dogs, from shelter to breeder and from big doggo to small pupper. My family has fostered dogs until they found a proper home. I have been an active part of the training process of those dogs throughout. Our own family dog is a major reason why I always return to my parents home every few weeks ;)


My parents had two Persians when I was little and after a long no-cat period I have grown to love them once again. As a family we have had to bottle feed stray kitties a few times and at my current student home we have a very sassy lady named Tessel who loves to sleep on my sweaters. Cats like me well enough to sit on me while I'm reading.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you will trust me with the care of your beloved pet! You can rest assured that I'll look after your pet accordingly and that upon return you'll find your pet happy, healthy and relaxed!

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Ik spreek Engels, Duits, Nederlands & Andere
Vertrouwd met hondentrainingstechnieken
10+ jaar ervaring
Ik kan exotische dieren verzorgen

Ik heb ervaring met knaagdieren verzorgen, honden uitlaten en reptielen vind ik ook geweldig!

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