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Over Valentina

Hi there!

About me:

I am 25 years old. I am a freelance designer, who works mainly from home and online. I would love to dogsit, as I love dogs and I used to have a dog back home in my home country - which now lives with my parents and I miss very much.

I am well experienced, as I have always taken care of dogs of friends and family when needed and when I found out about this platform via a friend, I was so happy to sign up! I moved to the Netherlands to study a few years ago and would love to take care of dogs, as I don't have pets of my own yet. I am used to taking care of my parents' in law dog so I can very well balance between work and dog sitting.

I am working part time at the moment, as I also study online. I would like to take care of vaccinated dogs. I don't have restrictions on dog sizes - I get along with all furry friends! My biggest motivation to dogsit comes from the fact that I would love to take care of dogs, whose owners can't be there for them as they never have to be alone, as well as because I would love to have a dog around as I miss my own.

Personally, I would describe myself as a calm, empathic and patient person. I believe that dogs are smart and sweet animals and they deserve love even when their owners are not around to take care of them and would love to spend time walking and exploring the area with them. I am also okay with taking care of adopted furry angels, as I also have a dog, who is adopted. For me the breed or the size doesn't matter - I love all dogs equally!

Thanks to my experience with having dogs throughout the years - I am also tested in emergency situations and can well and fast react, in case of danger or similar events - your dog will be safe, loved and protected with me. And last, my apartment is in a nice area where there's a forest and park nearby so your dog will always be walked and happy to visit.

Your dog's dream day with me:

A typical day of your dog with me would be balanced - some time for it to play or relax on its own, while I check some tasks for my work or study, but also -

lots of attention, often walks - of course if that is possible for the dog and play time together. I am happy to adjust my daily plans when it comes to your dog's schedule - for instance, it's perfectly fine if you have certain hours of the day, where the dog is out for a walk, what time they have to eat or sleep. I also don't mind brushing their fur and never had problems even with hyper active dogs, when it comes to brushing them. I am open for any suggestions and sharing any proud dog mom/dad moments with you. We can stay connected, so you are always aware of your pet!

About my place of living:

I live together with my husband.

Most of the time, your dog would be all alone with me, but it could happen that my husband is around some days - especially weekends. This of course is not a problem, because he also really loves them and shares my passion about dogsitting and he has grown up with dogs - his family always had a dog throughout the years, as well as now. We are happy to welcome your precious furry friends and give them lots of love, while you are away.

My apartment is big enough to welcome your dog no matter its size. Your dog will be in a clean and cosy environment - mostly in my living room and/or kitchen, sometimes in my office room. I have space for a doggy bed and toys. I like to keep the other rooms clean and closed. The living room has a very cosy view to the outside so your dog can watch through the window, since I know most dogs like to watch outside.

I take into consideration any tips or rules you have about discipline, food or walking habits of your dog, so that you feel at peace when the dog is staying with me. I live in an area where there's a forest, park and lots of other urban areas to explore together with your dog, so we have all the needed space to walk and never get bored.

What else is offered typically:

- At least 1 x photo update per day or house visit

- Keeping in contact with owners regarding any changes with the pet and if required bringing the pets to the vet when agreed to by the owner or in an emergency


Feeding the pet as required

- Access to fresh water

- Dog is able to go to the toilet regularly

- Basic medication (non-injectables)

- Pets are kept in a hygienic condition - any messes of the pet are cleaned up, and any signs of illness or injury are reported to the owner

About my expectations:

- Any behavioural issues of the pet are disclosed

- Any special requirements or instructions are written down for the sitter to prevent any misunderstanding

- Medication properly labelled, clear dosage instructions and timings (if applicable)

- Emergency contact details (person not travelling with the owner) are provided

- If feeding is required, enough pet food is provided

- Dog can be alone for periods of time - no more than 3 hours

- Dog is housetrained (if the dog is not housetrained, the sitter is informed prior to the booking)

- Bedding and walking equipment is provided

- Pick up and drop off times fall within the 24-hour time frame. For example, if drop off is at 9 am, pick-up should be at 9 am on the last day. Additional time (later pick-up) can be booked separately in the form of doggy daycare.

Dog boarding - 24 hours:

- Dog will not be left alone for longer than 3 hours

- Dog has space to move around and explore. Not to be tied up or kept in a crate for long periods of time.

- Secure space for dogs so they can't escape

- Dog has access to shade and a cool place when hot and a warm place when cold

- The environment is safe for the dog with no chance of the dog getting hurt or ingesting something it should not.

For puppies, the environment should be puppy proof to ensure they can't accidentally destroy any belongings, hurt themselves or ingest something it should not.

At least 1 hour of physical exercise (can be broken down as indoor/outdoor play, multiple walks or one long walk as per agreement with owners)

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Dirk, 2021-09-06

Alles was perfect. We hadden een goed gevoel om Toni bij Valentina te laten. De communicatie inclusief foto's tussendoor was geweldig. Hartelijk dank. Graag gedaan.


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I get along well with all breeds. I like running and playing with dogs, especially when it is about giving them tasks to do - f.e. things to search for or run after a stick or a ball. I am a calm and patient person, so even the most stubborn furry friends are okay with me brushing their fur. I am also experienced in taking care of dogs with anxiety issues, as my own first dog was adopted. I listen carefully to the dog's owners and their way of taking care of the dog, so that there is discipline, but also enough love and special attention for the dog. I pay attention to dogs and their behavior and can very fast adapt to them.

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Professional Dog Lover

Overnachting, bij de oppas thuis
50 EUR voor elk extra dier
50 EUR
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Annulatiebeleid: Flexibel

Volledige terugbetaling als het baasje annuleert meer dan 24 uur voordat de reservatie start. 50% terugbetaling als er na 24 uur voor de reservatie wordt geannuleerd.

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